Fatherheart Ministries 'H' Schools - "The School of the Heart"


The focus of the H School is to assist the process of integrating God’s love deeper into our hearts and in our daily lives. There are several aspects that we will be exploring during the school, these are:

  • Integrating His love deeper into our hearts in our daily lives.

  • Healing the heart and processing pain. When love pours into our hearts, pain, anger, sadness, etc. can begin to pour out. How can we stay present and be healed in this process or disengage from what the Father is doing?

  • Communing with Father. We will take time to find and explore ways how we can uniquely and meaningfully engage with the Father day to day.

  • Practically speaking, how are our hearts changed by love in this new revelation?

  • The purposes of God. How can we grow in love through failure, relational breakdown, and disappointment?

  • The practical application of heart forgiveness in our daily lives.

  • Our ongoing need for comfort.

  • And more...

All H Schools are led by appointed Fatherheart Ministries Team Leaders. The school is presented over five days, following the same format as 'A' & 'B' Schools but finishing on the Thursday at lunchtime. All participants must have attended either two Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ schools, an 'A' School and a 'B' School or INS.