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Fatherheart Ministries 'B' Schools - "Growing in Sonship"

The ‘B’ School is a one-week revelational adventure into the very heart of God. It builds upon the foundation laid during the ‘A’ School. The broken power systems and values of the societies in which we live are at best unsuccessful attempts to survive within a Father-less world. They are like the coping habits of orphans. In contrast, God is fully alive, utterly free from worldly limitation. God is perfect parental Love and it is for this reality that we have been created and redeemed. ‘B’ School is a doorway into God’s world, drinking from the wisdom flowing from God’s heart and experiencing the transformational power of perfect Love. ‘B’ School is an invitation to authentic seeing and living, an opportunity to experience the fullness of the Gospel.

'B' schools often have a real sense of family about them from the outset. He is Father and as we come to know Him as our Father, we no longer need to compete or compare ourselves with others. We find a new freedom to open our hearts to God and to one another, enjoying our journey together as brothers and sisters.

All B Schools are led by appointed Fatherheart Ministries Team Leaders. The school is a one week event following the same format as an 'A' School. All participants must have attended a Fatherheart Ministries ‘A’ school prior to attending a 'B' School. After attending an ‘A’ School we recommended waiting a few months before attending a 'B' School or even attending a couple of 'A' Schools prior to attending a 'B' School.

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